What you should do in the event of a claim


Should you have the need to make a claim there are a number of things which you may be required to do and that you should do sooner rather than later so as to ensure an expedient claim settlement.


DO NOT go out and simply replace the goods to be claimed and expect the insurer to pay the bill. There is a due process which needs to be adhered to and your insurer may have a facility to obtain the same goods and a more competitive price. Your insurance is there to offer compensation for the damaged goods at their equivalent standard of quality and not to ‘upgrade’ to a better product.


For any property which is damaged you will need to provide a quote for the repair of the damaged property or if it is beyond repair then you will need to provide written evidence from the repairer outlining why the damaged property cannot be repaired and also support this with a quote for replacement of the property to the equivalent standard.  In some instances, particularly with theft claims you may also be required to provide proof of ownership of the goods.  These are things which you can do immediately and may be forwarded to our office.


In the event of a third-party making a claim against you, it is of utmost importance that you do not admit liability in any way shape or form, as admission of liability may affect your rights of indemnification granted under the policy.


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