Franchise Insurance in Newcastle

Over 28 years insuring businesses in Newcastle & across Australia.

Get the best insurance for your franchise.

One of the best ways to reduce premiums is to look at establishing insurance programs “on mass” and the clear and best opportunity is for those involved in a franchise group.


In many cases the franchisor does not become involved, nor do they wish to other than requesting that franchisees hold adequate insurances. However, when presented correctly a group of similar businesses (usually with similar protection requirements and sums insured) can vastly assist with premium reduction, cover improvement, claims management and other benefits associated with the ‘bulk’ transaction of insurances.


Ian Jones Insurance Brokers have, over the past 30 years, established a number of ‘bulk’ group insurance programs that have seen reductions in premiums with tailored cover suited to the particular sector the franchise is involved in. A single business can do its best to get the best deal but when there are multiple businesses doing exactly the same, insurers will pay attention and work hard to get the business. Ian Jones Insurance Brokers will take care of the entire process for that to happen.

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