Hard to Place and Difficult Risks

Over 28 years insuring businesses in Newcastle & across Australia.

Over the years Ian Jones Insurance Brokers have been successful in sourcing and placing insurance cover for a multitude of unusual businesses, occupations and property, which, under normal circumstance would be quite difficult to have a main stream insurer accept, as it would fall outside of their acceptance guidelines.

When a business doesn’t quite fit within some insurers acceptance criteria it may be either rejected altogether, accepted with major increases in premium and/or excess or subject to a plethora of conditions.


At Ian Jones Insurance Brokers we have had many difficult, unusual or hard to place insurance risks come past our desk and over the years we have maintained relations with many insurers or underwriting agencies capable of underwriting such risks. This is the main reason that we are confident in stating that we can place ANY risk for ANY business. Example of a few of these risks include businesses involved in rail corridor fencing and security, high rise property maintenance, high rise window cleaning, event security, shopping centre cleaners, bulk goods warehousing, property constructed of sandwich panelling (EPS, PIR, PUR), mining contractors (surface and underground), mining machinery and lotteries insurance for newsagencies around Australia.


So if you or your business falls into the ‘too hard’ category for some insurers and insurance brokers, call our office and see how we may be of assistance and let us do the leg work for you.

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