Hospitality Industry Insurance in Newcastle

Over 28 years insuring businesses in Newcastle & across Australia.

Pubs, motels, restaurants, food outlets and more.

Pubs, motels, restaurants, food outlets and other such businesses in the hospitality sector can be inherently tricky in the way that premium balance is in line with the cover offered by an insurer.


Sometimes businesses in these hospitality sectors seem to pay a higher premium for some covers and that may be due to a number of factors relating to higher consumer interaction. People come and go and in cases such as hotels, restaurants and motels, a higher level of risk is applied by some insurers. Given this, it is important from an insurance brokers point of view that the right insurers with the right willingness to take on these risks be engaged.


At Ian Jones Insurance Brokers we actively conduct business with over 150 different insurers and underwriting agencies to ensure that we offer the right options and fit for any business in the hospitality sector. There are some insurers who offer specialist packages for these businesses and we have access to each of them to ensure best cover options at the best premium.

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