Motor and Motor Fleet Insurance in Newcastle

Comprehensive motor insurance for ALL motor categories

Sedans, wagons, utes, light commercial, trailers and other vehicles.

From a single table top truck to 1000 vehicles of all description, we can provide full cover, third party or a mix for each and every vehicle on one simple, easy to read schedule.

Ian Jones Insurance Brokers can include vehicle glass cover, vehicle down time, demurrage costs and we can even provide replacement vehicles where one is involved in a not at fault accident.

We make insuring a vehicle upon change over simple and ensure that your vehicles are always covered. At crash time we will have vehicles assessed efficiently to ensure less time at the panel shop.

Need Roadside Assistance?

365 Roadside Assistance delivers safe and secure services to get you back on the road. Their 24/7 response team provides instant access to a range of automotive engineers trained make sure you are never left stranded.

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