Professional Services Insurance in Newcastle

Over 28 years insuring businesses in Newcastle & across Australia.

Accountants, architects, engineers, consultants, insurance brokers and more.

What defines a professional service? We would say that pretty well anyone who runs their own business considers themselves to be professional and that is an attribute that any good business needs to adhere to. Offering professional services, however, are defined quite differently when it comes to insurance and the sort of cover that a business owner takes out.


If you are offering any sort of advice, professional service advice and recommendation that is not related directly to the sale of an actual product or item then you need to talk to Ian Jones Insurance Brokers about professional indemnity insurance. There may be a fine line between simply selling a product and your recommendation in influencing a third party to choose that product, so it is very important that any Public Liability insurance has the right definitions, clauses and endorsements to ensure absolute protection from a claim.


Occupational professions such as accountants, architects, engineers, consultants and insurance brokers need specific professional indemnity insurance to protect themselves against claims from a third party who may have suffered a financial loss as a result of the advice given.


Ian Jones Insurance Brokers can filter through the finer details to ensure that your insurance policy is there to cover you in all aspects of your business.

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