Trauma Insurance | Critical Illness

Medical advancements and announcements of new cures, treatments, medications and technology means that we are all living longer and in the event of some major trauma or critical illness, this means better possibilities of recovery. These advancements are certainly welcome but what if you suffer a trauma that has any form of long term debilitating effect.



During and after many traumas, the ongoing cost of recovery can be financially crippling. Not only is there additional procedural costs, there will be ongoing medical costs, treatment costs, and lifestyle variation costs such as home or vehicle modifications and many others that may only be realised into the recovery process and if funds are getting tight then some things must give. We like to think that a lump sum of money coupled with great advise can assist or even neutralise these factors so you can get on with life and recovery as best you can.


Alleviating financial stress at the time of a trauma or critical illness can aid in the recovery process from an emotional viewpoint and it gives freedoms outside of what you may normally be limited to. Remember, MediCare and private health funds will respond according to the limits they have and they do have limits. Financial freedoms can go along way to the recovery process.


Trauma (Critical Illness) Insurance provides a cash lump sum upon diagnosis of a specified illness or injury. It is designed to help with the financial impacts of a trauma or crisis, such as heart attack, stroke, cancer and many other life threatening conditions. The benefit paid by a trauma policy can be used to fund the best medical treatment available, subsidise personal income or alleviate debt but as always getting the best advice is crucial as there can be some variances in some policies that need noting.

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