Commercial Property Insurance

Over 28 years insuring businesses in Newcastle & across Australia.

A small stand alone building occupied by a retailer or office. A shopping strip or cluster of shops. An arcade with a variety of mixed businesses. A shopping centre. A multi storey office tower. An industrial warehouse. Any tenant occupation any industry – we can insure it.


If you own a commercial property, we can insure it against fire, storm, water or any other insured event. We understand the pros and cons of insuring property and understand the insurance needs for any property owner.

Aside from the property itself, we will advise and provide cover for lost rent and ensure that cover is provided for the full reconstruction period and until your property is occupied again. We will offer cover for any machinery and plant (basement or car park pumps, lift and escalator motors, air conditioners etc). Common area plate glass, signage or special glass where it is not otherwise insured under a lease agreement can be insured. Property owners public liability protects the landlord against any claim where they may be drawn in on a claim by any third party.

Ian Jones Insurance Brokers relationship with over 80 insurers and underwriting agencies give us a wide market to source insurance for ANY property of ANY construction with ANY type of tenant. Brick, concrete, timber or a mixed construction can be covered with many insurers and we are also fully aware of the limits in which insurers can and will insure buildings constructed of sandwich paneling such as EPS, PIR, PUR and Phenolic foams.

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