Trades & Contractors Liability

It all comes down to advice – the right advice!

No matter what your trade is, and no matter how you apply it, public liability is an absolute must.

Why do I need Trades & Contractors Liability Insurance?

No matter what your trade is and no matter how you apply it, public liability is an absolute must in today’s litigious world with everyone looking to lay blame on anyone to take the fall for an error or accident. As with all insurance, public liability for anyone working in a tradie capacity can vary with each insurer.

Why is it important?

There may be certain exclusions, endorsements and other factors within policies that may only be realised after a claim has occurred – too late then. Even a simple signature on a contract to a principle contractor can leave a tradie exposed with no cover, even though they believe cover is in force. This may be because they have unwittingly signed away any right of recovery by an insurer, and an insured has absolutely no right to do so.


It all comes down to advice – the right advice. That’s where we can help.

Do you sign and offer contracts before work starts?

IMPORTANT – If your business requires that you sign contracts before undertaking any work, you must advise our office immediately (prior to signing) as there may be clauses that mean you may sign away any rights in relation to insurance. In short, this may mean that you are signing away the insurers’ rights and therefore any claim may be rejected. Let us provide the advice on this to ensure that your policy coverage is not jeopardised.

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