Vineyards & Wineries

Specialist Insurance for Vineyards & Wineries

Providing the right insurance for wineries and vineyards is as bespoke as the product they make.

What is Vineyards & Wineries Insurance?

If its a simple claim of an over-turning gondola of grapes on their way to the crush, a 5000 gallons spill during tank transfer or an accidental contamination of varietals, we will ensure that the insurance policies and advice we give is as bespoke as the wine you produce. From the vine to the cellar door and onto the retailers shelf, Ian Jones Insurance VineSure Vineyard Insurance will ensure that your business is protected by the relevant insurances every step of the way, in case of the unexpected.

How does Ian Jones Insurance help?

Our market for insurance is designed for; Production Wineries, Custom Crushing Operations, Blending Operations,  Artisanal Wineries and includes coverage of:


  • Leakage of Winery Products – overfilled tanks, pipe rupture, barrel collapse and other human or mechanical error.
  • Wind Drift and Over Spray of chemicals, fertilisers and pesticides to neighbouring properties.
  • Special Events such as weddings, parties, and social events – even touring and racing events beginning, ending or passing through such as cycling, motoring or charity events can be covered.

What else can be covered?

  • Trellis & Grape Vines
  • Packaging Errors
  • Business Income for Loss of Shelf Space
  • Alteration of Wine Blending Perils
  • Global Export


So, if you operate a small boutique, family run winery or a multi national wine behemoth, we have the insurers, the means and the know how to get your winery business covered with our bespoke Vineyard & Winery insurance package.

What our clients say

Cheers, Salute, Prost, Slainte, Yamis, Gesondheid, Na zdravi, 干杯, À votre santé, Cin cin, Kanpai, į sveikatą, Noroc, Na zdrowie, Saúde, Salud, Iechyd da, Skål, Na zdorovie!

No matter how you ‘cheers’ ensure that cheers don’t turn to tears by not having the right insurance for your winery business.