Flooring Importers & Distributors Insurance

Flooring Importers & Distributors Insurance

If your business involved in the flooring sector relating to the supply, logistics and distribution of carpet, timber flooring, cork, linoleum and other flooring surfaces then you would already know that gaining the right cover with all the necessary inclusions, endorsements and appropriate classes of insurance can be difficult and confusing.


FloorInsure can clear the way for such businesses by offering sound, professional advice backed with experience, knowledge and the security of APRA/ASIC approved insurers with the capacity to look at your businesses risk exposure for what it really is.


Covers for flooring storage and warehousing, flooring distribution or flooring importation require varied classes of insurance protection such as fire and perils, storm and weather, impact, liability and more.


Is an industrial special risk style of policy required or would a correctly customised business package policy be better?


What about the risk and liability surrounding direct import and distribution of flooring products from foreign countries including the USA, Canada or Japan?


If a business is involved in importing and distribution of flooring, the world of marine cargo and inland transit of goods is a mine field of jargon, terms & conditions and can leave one concerned as to the cover they actually need.


Large warehousing often comes with lifting equipment and other machinery or electronic equipment that needs special consideration from an insurance perspective and then there is the transportation with commercial motor and heavy motor – loading, unloading, damage during transit etc.


FloorInsure are well placed and experienced at finding insurance solutions for each and every risk mentioned above along with advising on risk management solutions to effectively reduce claim instances thus keeping premiums in check.

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