Drone & Aviation Insurance

Specialist Insurance for Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

Insurance policies should be held by a business using a drone are offered by only a few insurers and underwriting agencies. We can source them.

Do you use a drone in your business?

Have you thought about the insurance aspect and implications if you do? Most standard business insurance policies will not cover the complete protection a business will need if something goes wrong – and with equipment dropping from the skies, much can go wrong and potential losses can be crippling.

Why do I need Drone Insurance?

Insurance policies that should be held by an individual or business using Drone are offered (at this stage) by only a few insurers and underwriting agencies. The policies available that should be considered are;


Public Liability – Covers damage to third party property and personal injury to third parties.

Hull Insurance – This term refers to the actual drone itself for damage whilst in use, in transit or in storage.

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