Mobile Machinery & Plant

Mobile Machinery & Plant

From forklifts to anything that digs, scrapes, tunnels or lifts – we can insure it!

What can be covered?

From bobcats and forklifts to D16 dozers, mobile, tower and crawler cranes, aerial access equipment, drilling and mining equipment, road making and paving machinery and anything that digs, scrapes, tunnels or lifts. Even dry hire, wet hire and hired in plant are no problem to insure.

Why Should I Have It?

Aside from general transport, the transport of hazardous goods, refrigerated units and hanging meats have posed problems in the past so it is important to find the right transport insurer to address your individual circumstance and requirements. At Ian Jones Insurance Brokers we work with numerous transport insurers to cater for the wide variety of goods being transited across town, the State or the Nation.

What our clients say

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We are confident we can find the right policy at the right premium for you and your business  – Don’t get left on the side of the road ever again.