Management Liability

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Management Liability includes protection against fraud or breach of fiduciary duty; misappropriation of trade secrets; unfair competition and breach of confidentiality.

What does Management Liability Insurance cover?

Employment Practices Liability – which protects against allegations of bullying, sexual harassment, unfair dismissal and discrimination.


Theft/Crime – by employees which may include theft of money and property.


Statutory Liability – which protects against a breach of Occupational Health and Safety Act and other legislation.

Why do I need it?

With potential penalties that range from hefty fines, all the way through to disqualification and possible imprisonment, there is a clear need for an effective and immediate way to protect yourself.


You’ve done the hard yards to get a top spot in a company (nice work…!), is it worth risking all the blood, sweat and tears by not having the right Management Liability Insurance in place?

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