High Risk Public Liability Insurance

Difficult and Unusual Public Liability Risks

If your line of work is a bit out of the norm or other factors make it hard to get Public Liability, then try Ian Jones Insurance Brokers today. We have decades of experience in arranging cover for those risks that don’t quite fit in with many insurers acceptance criteria.

What is Difficult or Unusual Occupations Insurance?

Asbestos, airport security, political risks, fire arms distribution, mining, power stations, off shore refinery contractors and more. Public liability for these and many more occupations that do not fit in the box of most insurers are usually difficult to find an insurer to take on at a competitive premium, let alone just getting them to even agree to look at it. We have had decades of experience in placing the unusual, the odd and the difficult businesses and occupations that most insurers flatly refuse to look at. We have access to Global insurance markets that have better understanding and better financial capacity to take on the insurance for such risks. If your business fits this description and you are in need of experience in insurance for it, call us today to discuss your predicament.

How do we help?

There are insurers that we place public liability risks with, that take a genuine approach to helping in situations where a client occupation activity is outside the square. A practical approach is adapted to ensure that a reasonable premium, excess and coverage are attained.

What our clients say

Get the right advice. Personal & Professional.

If you are in a business and getting rejected or paying excessive premiums for your professional indemnity insurance contact us today and speak to one of our experienced brokers about how we can assist.