Heavy Motor & Freight

Heavy Motor & Freight Insurance

If you operate a single rig for local transport, or a fleet crossing the country, we can help you.

How we can help you with Heavy Motor & Freight Insurance.

If you operate a transport company then you know how tough it is to keep on top of operating costs and unfortunately insurance is one of those business costs that can hurt the most. If you operate a single rig doing local transport or a fleet of trucks crossing the country, we can help.


There are a dozen or so insurers who are active in this insurance space and we can assist our transport operators in getting quotes from each of them, comparing the cover, excesses, endorsements and exclusions and negotiating a premium that works for you. Insurance for the rig itself, the trailer, dogs, tarps & chains, dry hire of equipment and even down time costs while your vehicle is off the road.

Why should I have it?

Aside from general transport, the transport of hazardous goods, refrigerated units and hanging meats have posed problems in the past so it is important to find the right transport insurer to address your individual circumstance and requirements. At Ian Jones Insurance Brokers we work with numerous transport insurers to cater for the wide variety of goods being transited across town, the State or the Nation.

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