Laundromat and Dry Cleaners Insurance

Specialist Insurance for Laundromats & Dry Cleaners

Dry cleaners, Laundromats, self serve and coin operated Laundromats have limited insurers for their business protection as the industry does have its fair share of claims

What is Dry Cleaners & Laundromat Insurance?

Dry cleaners, Laundromats, self serve and coin operated Laundromats can have limited insurers wanting to take on insurance for their business protection as the industry does have its fair share of claims. Many insurers simply decline to offer any cover and this has a serious affect on where the owners of these businesses obtain the right cover at a reasonable premium

How does Ian Jones Insurance help?

At Ian Jones Insurance Brokers we deal with over 150 insurers and underwriting agencies which has allowed us to source great premiums and full comprehensive cover for the dry cleaning and Laundromat sector across Australia. Full business package insurance cover for fire and perils, loss of profits (business interruption), burglary, money, plate glass, equipment breakdown, public liability (including goods in care, custody and control – clothing items), pick up and delivery motor vehicles and all other associated insurances.

Laundromat Insurance Experience that counts

From over 30 years experience, we know how frustrating it can be to get insurers to take on a business sector that has seen problematic claims and premium increases, so we take our job seriously to keep your premiums at a realistic and affordable level. We will compare your existing cover on an ‘apples with apples’ basis and then make recommendations to ensure that any sections of your insurance that are not covered are made aware of and sometimes even cover that may be excessive and unwarranted needs to be quantified. In short, Ian Jones Insurance Brokers will make sure you are covered correctly and at a competitive premium. Call or email us today for your free quote and comparison.

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