Income Protection Insurance

Probably one of the most important insurances you could have. Income Protection Insurance.

When you think about it if you can’t work you can’t earn an income so unless you have exceptional reserve resources or a rich Uncle you will need to cover each every living cost you have, including your mortgage.

Why do I need Income Protection Insurance?

Insuring your income insures your current life financial commitments, so if you were unable to earn that income you may find yourself looking at government assistance, income support etc. This wouldn’t be the choice you want but it may be the only one if your income ceases. Let Ian Jones Insurance protect your financial future with income protection, sometime known as sickness and accident insurance.

How does it work?

Income protection (sometimes called Sick & Accident) isn’t designed to cover you against a few weeks off work with an incidental illness but to cover you against a potentially long period where you are unable to work at all – maybe for the rest of your life. It is equally important to employed or self employed people. The only advantage held by employed people is their accrual of sick leave, annual leave and long service leave which can assist if needed but your boss isn’t going to keep paying you out of good nature if you can’t work.


All income protection polices are NOT the same and this is a policy that needs thorough professional advice to the insured and a true understanding of the various insurers’ policy differences by the broker.

What our clients say

Get the right advice. Personal & Professional.

We know what matters and how to determine a true, fair and affordable premium and with access to just about every life insurance company at our fingertips we are well placed to ensure the best possible outcome