Flooring Business Allied Services

Flooring Business Allied Services

The sale, supply, distribution, hire (wet or dry), importation of flooring equipment can be seen to be somewhat problematic to some insurers. What does the equipment actually do? Where is the equipment manufactured – in Australia or overseas? What regulations or training govern the use of such equipment.


These are all factors that insurers may investigate when taking on such a business to insure. FloorInsure can help in all facets of cover to protect any business involved in this area of expertise – moisture barriers, surface preparation equipment, moisture metering equipment, concrete repair, densifiers, adhesives, flooring care solutions and more.


What about resins or other flammable or toxic surface applications? Insurers will wish to fully understand the application and public risks posed when using some of these products. The volume of such applications in stock at any given time and how it is stored, Australian standards implications and other such information can all pose risks to insurers so you need FloorInsure to present a clear understanding to our panel of insurers to get the best insurance result.

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