Specialty Flooring Insurance

Specialty Flooring Insurance

Does your flooring business specialise in (or even accept some contracts from time to time) in specific sectors such as health, food or hygiene, acoustic flooring, high traffic areas or other unusual flooring where specific requirements need addressing?


These specialised flooring sectors may require particular attention from an insurance perspective and often times when something is a little out of the ‘norm’, insurers may simply not wish to insure some of these risks. Worse still, inexperienced advise may see a business having no cover at all.


FloorInsure can provide full service and advice to these sectors to ensure complete protection and help navigate the complexity of any endorsements, exclusions, excess loadings or other policy conditions that may arise.


Professional indemnity may also be required as advice to customers may lead to claims which may not necessarily be covered under any public liability policy. FloorInsure will leave nothing to chance in ensuring that you are adequately protected in all classes of insurance in all applications of flooring.

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