Not for Profit & Charity Insurance in Newcastle

Over 28 years insuring businesses in Newcastle & across Australia.

Not For Profits, Charities and Volunteers

Not for profit organisations are some of the most vulnerable in the business world. They largely depend on getting the best outcome for the dollar as it is always difficult to maintain income to keep the wheels turning. Every bit of saving helps.


There are only a hand full of insurers who specifically look to assist in these areas and at Ian Jones Insurance Brokers, we can claim to deal with all of them. With the principal, Ian Jones, acting as President of a community based not for profit, we see it first hand. Money is hard to get, grants are competitive and cost of doing business doesn’t diminish just because you are there to help others.


We know this market well and enjoy assisting not for profit organisations and charities to reduce their insurance costs whilst maintaining the level of cover they need. Equally important is the protection of those who give up their time and energy to lend a hand to keep the organisation going so it is essential that they have the right protection if something goes wrong.

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